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Children’s Church

Children’s Church is offered during the teaching portion of our 10:45 Sunday morning worship service. Children from 1st-3rd grade can sit with their families during the singing portion of the worship service. Just before the sermon begins, they are dismissed to Children’s Church. Of course, parents may choose to keep their children with them in the sanctuary during the sermon.

During Children’s Church, children are taught lessons from The Praise Factory curriculum which uses systematic theology as its organizing principle for each curriculum (Teach, Take & Tell, Big Questions and Answers for little people, and The Praise Factory). This organization shows up as 16 big questions and answers that are categories found in systematic theology. Why do it this way? A systematic theology is an ordered study of who God is, who He has made us to be, His plans for us and this world, His work of salvation for His people, and the things of the world to come. It gives children an opportunity to consider the magnificent way that God has ordered all things to His glory; and, equips them with a strong foundation of God’s Truth to grow and live for Him in this world, with an eye of hope and joy towards the next. For more information about this, click the image below.