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Praise Factory

Wednesday Nights: Praise Factory

Praise Factory is a multi-age, children’s study of who God is, who He made us to be, His plans for us and this world, His work of salvation for His people, and the things of the world to come. It gives children an opportunity to consider the magnificent way that God has ordered all things to His glory and equips them with a strong foundation of God’s Truth with which to combat the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Preschoolers ages 2-4 are introduced to 12 major biblical truths or concepts using the Teach, Take, and Tell portion of Praise Factory. Each concept is taught using a Bible story, action rhyme, and songs allowing children to develop at an age appropriate level. Each Wednesday night the children will do a craft that they can “take” with them in order to “tell” others about Christ.

Pre -kindergarteners and Kindergarteners ages 4-6 move on to the Big Question and Answers for Little People portion of Praise Factory. Big Questions & Answers for Little People is a three year children’s systematic theology curriculum. It focuses on 52 key biblical truths. These concepts, centering on God, the Church and personal holiness, are basic to Christianity.  One Bible story, one Bible verse, and related songs are used for each concept. Review activities and crafts are used each week.